Rocket Toys ROC-004 Naruto Hatake Kakashi 1/6 figure (Pre order deposit)

  • $50.00

This item is in Pre Order status, and release by Q1/2023
Full price: $220
Non refundable deposit: $50
Remaining payment: $170

main accessories:
The total height of the character is about 34CM
- Two-dimensional proportion male body *1
-Head Sculpture*1 (daily expression with drop down forehead)
- Replacement face*1 (smile expression)
- Movable eyeball*6 (Three hook jade writing wheel eye x1, black large iris eye x1, kaleidoscope writing wheel eye x2, black small iris eye x2)
-Moveable eyeball adjustment stick*1
-Replacement hand type*10
- Intimacy Paradise*3
-Doll display stand*1

- Konoha upper ninja*1 (the shoulder collar is inlaid with metal wire, which can be adjusted. The swirl logo on the back is glued with PVC parts)
-Inner jacket*1 (the left and right arm swirl marks are glued to PVC parts)
-Pants*1 (the bandage on the right leg is fixed and bonded)
-Light Khaki Ninja Kit*1
-Dark blue leather ninja bag*1

Weapon accessories:
-Kunai*2 (alloy material)
-Rachel*1 (magnetron LED light)

-Head carving*1 (serious expression with normal forehead protection)

Non Refundable Deposit is due within 48 hours of placing the order
Please understand that the NRD will not be refunded for any reason unless Rocket Toys cancels this project
Expected Arrival Date is only an estimate