Robot Build RB-13 PROTEUS Kaijin from BIRD / BINARY【Instock】

  • $60.00

"PROTEUS" is a mass-produced humanoid mobile weapon designed to support various battlefield environments. The design is attractive like a mass-produced machine, such as a robust form and a sub-arm reminiscent of a work robot. In addition, it is equipped with many weapons such as rifles, handguns, and missiles. You can enjoy various actions depending on the combination.
The features common to the series are inherited as they are, the range of motion of the joints is wide, and various poses are possible.
In addition, each joint has a common standard of 4 mm in diameter and can be recombined with existing series products.
RB-13 PROTEUS "Kaijin"
ABS & PVC painted movable figure
Overall height: Approximately 145 mm (up to the top of the head)
Manufacture: Seiji Nuke (EARNESTCORE CRAFT)
Distributor: Wave