EsansToy x Melon Catch Studio Finger Guess Squad #2 Breezy [INSTOCK]

  • $229.00

Pigeon makes trouble and Breezy solves the problem. "Breezy", the second member of the FGS guessing group launched by EsansToy and Melon Catch Studio, is the owner of the aquatic product shop"Si Xi Feng He" . His charming temperament is like the lavender mist on the sea in the early morning.


Product size: 1/6 scale height 12 inches

Product List:

Head sculpt x1

Body x1

Hand x4

T-shirt x1

Vest x1

Shorts x1

Bucket Hat x1

Glasses x1

Waist bag x1


Fish knife x1

Knife set x1

Small fish x5

Big fish x5

Box x1

Bomb x3

Robot fish x1

Remote control x1

Remote control backpack x1

Collection card x1


Limited Edition 299